International Information Technology company

IIT Company (International Information Technology company) is mainly focused on the commercialization of IT products and services, design of hardware and software solutions.

Hardware repairs

Software installations

Recycling service

Web development

IT Support

Web Builder

Is your website not updated or is your website not displaying correctly on other different devices?

Are you looking for a modern website that responds, adjusts the display and depends of the devices, for example smartphones, tablet or PC?

IT Support

Have questions or problems to be resolved? Do you need support or maintenance for your IT system?

We will support you for all your IT problems or projects.

Web builder

How do we work?

We want to know who you are. What are your wishes? What is your target audience? And what do you want to achieve? And of course: how can we help you?

IIT Company makes the first design based on your wishes. and we will continue until you are satisfied!

When you are satisfied, we will start building your website. We will then provide you with a test version that you can view online. Check, check!

When the website is built and you are satisfied with it, we will give you the best advice for self-maintenance or by IIT Company.

You can also extend your website with different modules, for example: News, blogs, portfolio, a form, gallery.

Anything is possible!

Do you want to create your website with WordPress?
A WordPress expert who will help you develop your site and your project with effective results.
We can support you in: design, programming, online publish or transfer to new provider.

What about the costs?

After the transaction is completed, you will receive an email with a ZIP file with the website that can be published.

Another option: We can also put the file on a USB stick and it will be shipped or delivered to your location.

If you prefer a personalized website with your own design, we can hold a meeting to clarify your wish and you will be informed of the price afterwards.

If you are sure that you won’t change any information or data on your website in the future, we definitely recommend maintaining your website yourself.

You can always expand the functionality by adding other modules in several stages, IIT Company ensures that this is perfectly integrated into the original website.

After purchasing the website, Don’t have time to edit your website and keep it up to date?

In the near future, you may find that you have various information or data you want to have changed, or maybe what is also nice, is to have a completely different layout, documents, links, content ect.!

IIT Company always keeps this information and data private and up to date for you.

The price will be discussed in the conversation.

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Do you also know that you don't have to leave your location?

With our consulting service we will make it comfortable for you, so you don’t have to lift or leave your location, we will try to solve the problem at your location before we will pick up.


Your computer don’t work properly? or did you drop it or damaged it?

We look carefully at your device to see what the problem might be and how we can fix it for you.

Needing help by building a computer? (business, gaming ect.)

Is your computer or laptop running slower than normal?
Do you think you have a virus or unnecessary files in your device?
Do you want a new operating system?
With our certified tools we can bring your device completely up to date, empty and cleaned!

Heeft u oude hardware, componenten of software enz. Die u wilt verwijderen of niet langer gebruikt of niet werkt?

We zullen hun een tweede kans geven. We zijn u erg dankbaar.

Have questions or problems to be resolved? Do you need support or maintenance for your IT system?

We will support you for all your IT problems or projects.

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We are happy to help you with love & mercy.

Due to Coronavirus, we are only accessible via remote and we do not arrive at location and we have different times.