International Information Technology company

IIT Company (International Information Technology company) is mainly focused on the commercialization of IT products and services, design of hardware and software solutions.

Hardware repairs

Software installations

Recycling service

Web development

IT Support

Web Builder

Is your website not updated or is your website not displaying correctly on other different devices?

Are you looking for a modern website that responds, adjusts the display and depends of the devices, for example smartphones, tablet or PC?

IT Support

Have questions or problems to be resolved? Do you need support or maintenance for your IT system?

We will support you for all your IT problems or projects.

Web builder

How do we work?

What about the costs?

Do you also know that you don't have to leave your location?

With our consulting service we will make it comfortable for you, so you don’t have to lift or leave your location, we will try to solve the problem at your location before we will pick up.


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We are happy to help you with love & mercy.

Due to Coronavirus, we are only accessible via remote and we do not arrive at location and we have different times.